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About Us

About Us

Leatherstocking Timber and Stone is owned and operated by Matthew Kent and has been a part of the local, regional and national timber market since 1994. This company is well known for its’ superior product line and distribution of environmentally sensitive timber products. More recently, in 2001, the company added a natural stone division and today they are one of the largest wholesale distributors of fieldstone, bluestone and various other quarry stone products within Northern America.

About our Customers

Leatherstocking is a volume supplier and our primary goal is to distribute our raw timber products to manufacturers of furniture, paper and other wood products, lumber companies and others.

The stone products are marketed to builders, full-scale nurseries, architects, landscape architects and landscapers, masonry companies and pool suppliers and other timber and stone companies.

The Future

We work in a natural product market and recognize the fact that the resources within our forests and the environment at large need to be preserved and sensitively managed. We consistently practice responsible forest management and make all attempts to conserve the resources available.

The Products

Raw timbers are used in creating so many products that it would be difficult to list them here. Wood remains one of the most desirable building materials and furniture and other home products made from wood continue to be in great demand.

With the focus on private and commercials home and garden improvements, the use of natural fieldstone and quarry blue stone has skyrocketed. Customers realize the beauty, strength and practicality of the natural stone. The uses are varied for sidewalks, steps, pools, patios, flooring fountains, mantels and fireplaces. The stone is durable and it lasts a lifetime.

About the Leatherstocking Region

Wondering where this region is and why Leatherstocking? It is easy to locate on any map of New York State. It is the central area enclosed by the three main interstates (I-81, I-90 and I-88).

The Leatherstocking region is comprised of several upstate counties with lush green hillsides, farms, lakes and forests. There is an abundance of space and natural resources and the area was once home to many Native American tribes.

The name Leatherstocking comes from the famous Leather-Stocking Tales, a series of books about life in North America and relationships between settlers and the Native Americans. These were artfully written by James Fennimore Cooper during the 1800’s.

Being surrounded by interstate highways makes this region one that is convenient to visit. Of course, once you are here, you may not be quite so interested in leaving.