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Leatherstocking Timber and Stone headquarters.

Wall showing combination of more than 5 different types of stone product. Items 2, 10, 11 and 14.

Item 2B Bluestone capping with Item 11 boulders and Item 12 Decorator Boulders with decking made of Item 1B Full Color Pattern Bluestone.

Various items used for residential project.


Items 6 & 7 Natural Landscape Platform Steppers in addition Item 11 Decorator Boulders and Item 1A Full Color Pattern Bluestone for the walkway in use from a project design.

Wall comprised of Appalachian Mixed Wall Stone.

Finished product showing facing Veneer capped off with Bluestone treds.

Bluestone full color 1/2" thick facing Veneer.

Cascading waterfall and lagoon setting comprised of Natural Wall Stone and Stepper Stones.

Natural Standard and Large Platform Steppers.

Items 6 & 7.

Combination of surface treading materials and Colonial Wall Stone.

Item 1B Full Color Pattern Bluestone walkway supported by a modified Item 6 Platform Steppers.

Item 12 Large Decorator Boulders.